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2010-11-27 16:53:53 by WeAreRiot

this is rather surprising me, since i didn't thought of newgrounds in a way of publishing music.

after some months, summer, public-service, summer again, my move to another state, 700 kilometers (thats 430 miles, americans, and it's far when you pay about 2 $ for one litre gas. also i dont have a car) away from home to attend med school and general unwell-being dan and chris recorded a new song.


how cool is that! i'm pissed i'm not in vienna anymore, my fingers tickle with excitement.

they asked e to put it up here, and here it is! check out, pls.



2010-09-28 16:07:32 by WeAreRiot

Well, been a long time.
I kind of never thought of this site anymore, but i felt like making some comments, so here is one.
What did happen in all this endless months? well, the band pretty much cracked. i haven't seen our drummer for about 1 1/2 years (what is rather killing my mood since he owes me a bloody big pile of money) and writing songs is hard, if not impossible. there is pretty no creative output, not on my side at least. now there was a try to found another project, with almost the same people, but in my personal opinion ther eis no future in it.
i may now focus on a snger/songwriting-thing, so don't expect riot! to come back in this decade.

i know, it's kinda screwed up.

bye guys, thanks for voting, downloading, and thanks for kind reviews and comments, you helped us through some hard times!

bye, even though i do not think anyone reads this.

nooooooooooooooo! o!

2010-01-30 06:11:09 by WeAreRiot

Yesterday, we managed to find the the time to do another practicing unit. we recorded tzwo amazing songs, and after finding out at home that the mikrophones did not work, theres nothing. nada. shit.

pissed as hell.


heard in one entry! woooooohooooooooo!!!


2009-12-06 08:22:30 by WeAreRiot

I promised i'd put a vid up, here it is! lower your head in thankful expectation of the greatest Orgasm your ears and eyes ever had!

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long long time ago...

2009-09-09 11:09:30 by WeAreRiot

yeah well, here i am. it's been a long time, and we did...particulary nothing. but yesterday i found the most awsome guitarriff ever invented. so keep wating. heres a pic.

long long time ago...

No Riot! for 3 months

2009-06-01 06:24:32 by WeAreRiot

Hey there.
Since Manu has to do some kind of "praktikum" in spain or somewhre for 3 months, we unfortunatly have to put the band on ice. sad sad news....

Gig Yesterday!

2009-04-25 04:33:59 by WeAreRiot

We had our first gig yesterday, and it At the beginning, nothing worked out (we were so nervous.....bua) but the second half was real cool. I have signed breast XD i'll put a video up.



2009-04-13 08:54:47 by WeAreRiot

hello, hello, hello.
april 24 we do a gig at roter kakadu, vienna. come if you want (ya need to be under 20, though...)

okay, thats it, cya!


Better Recording!!

2009-04-03 16:09:21 by WeAreRiot

Hey there!
Okay, as announced yesterday, we are submitting our old (and new) songs to the audio portal, but this time it's better recorded. still not studio-quality, but waaaaaaay better. Since I'm only allowed to upload 2 songs a day, it could take some time get everything up.

keep voting and pls comment, i need something to read while i sit in school.


Better Recording!!

The stage is ours!

2009-03-31 14:43:51 by WeAreRiot

Hey there!
It's been a while, and here's some great news:
We are getting a cheap studio at friday!! that means: better recordings, and that means better music here on NG! I hope this works, dammit...

Also, at april 22 we are giving a workshop on Guitar, Bass and drums at Roter Kakadu in vienna (what isn't really affecting you since most of you actually don't live in austria -,-) but anyways!
And, on april 24 there is a gig coming up, as well at Roter Kakadu. No beer allowed there, though...

Butheres some pic Flo shot at a recording session, better than nathing, what, laddie?

see ya soon friends =D

The stage is ours!