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2010-11-27 16:53:53 by WeAreRiot

this is rather surprising me, since i didn't thought of newgrounds in a way of publishing music.

after some months, summer, public-service, summer again, my move to another state, 700 kilometers (thats 430 miles, americans, and it's far when you pay about 2 $ for one litre gas. also i dont have a car) away from home to attend med school and general unwell-being dan and chris recorded a new song.


how cool is that! i'm pissed i'm not in vienna anymore, my fingers tickle with excitement.

they asked e to put it up here, and here it is! check out, pls.



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2010-12-08 14:54:48

well it's still not up, i don't know, something wrong with sampling rate.


2013-03-11 15:54:34

I'm a greedy barstad, I want more.